How Drones Changed The Entertainment World

Jul 29, 2017 by

Movie goers today want to experience an omniscient presence in the film. They want to see shots that follow every scene at different angles. This is the beauty of having drones floating and following each shot. It makes the scene spontaneous and naturally captivating.

Drone are the kind of small aircraft with remote control, equipped with camera and video capturing technology that is becoming essential in both big-budgeted Hollywood movies and in indie films.

Take for instance the motorcycle chase in the Skyfall, showing the tree canopies from above in Into the Woods, or zooming in the halls of King’s Landing in the Game of Thrones. The drones is very important as an alternate to a camera man in a helicopter trying his very best to capture a video from up above. And it has proven to be a better alternative in all honesty.

Drones are capable of capturing video footages that are not possible with the regular camera man action.

Drones can start showing the setting hundreds of feet above, zooming down to set, and squeezing through a narrow hallway to get a close-up shot of an actor. The scene flows fluidly, which is very difficult for cameras in helicopter and cranes to master.

Using drones is a scientific breakthrough, in cinematic perspective. It enables video production in Chicago to take the shots that seem impossible few years ago. It’s not just its capability to take overhead shots and to squeeze into narrow spaces that make it valuable, but also the quality of shots it produces. It is capable of taking high-quality videos, even in HD.

Another reason why the drone is so in right now is that it is actually cheaper compared to renting a helicopter to take the shots needed for the film. It makes the movie makers cut cost by the thousands, without sacrificing the quality of the videos. The Wrap presented a comparative video which shows that a day rate for a drone controlled by a cameraman is about $9,000 to $15,000, while that of a cameraman in helicopter goes from $20,000 to $40,000.

The biggest advantage of drone in filmmaking industry is that it speeds up the time of the shooting. It makes the shooting less complicated. This is advantageous for independent filmmakers who are working around in the tight budget. Because it saves them money, they can use more of their budget to other important things like editing and market the film.

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