The Benefits of Having Braces

Jan 17, 2018 by

Many people are wearing braces because they think it’s “in” which gives them a sense of belonging and attractiveness. However, wearing braces has a bigger purpose more than just for aesthetic reasons. In fact, an orthodontist is not recommending braces to people who really don’t need it. If you are thinking of getting braces, consult an expert first. 

The most common reason why you need braces is if you have misaligned teeth. Crooked teeth don’t look good when you smile or when you talk. It also impedes your correct pronunciation. The awkwardness that you feel because of misaligned teeth can affect your self-confidence. Because of this, you really need to consider wearing braces. 

Braces can straighten teeth by keeping them in their correct alignment. Then, they make each tooth get closer and fill in the gap between them. Thus, braces don’t just make the teeth look better but they also help in producing the correct sounds when you talk because it closes the gaps in between teeth where the air usually comes out. 

Another advantage of braces is to prevent future dental health problems. This includes having an uneven bite. When misaligned teeth are not corrected, it leads to uneven bite. Uneven bite is not only uncomfortable but it can also result to worn teeth or chipping of teeth. When your teeth become chipped, it is more susceptible for infection and cavities which can lead to tooth loss over time.  Wearing braces can prevent you from spending more in tooth extraction and tooth replacement options such as dentures and dental implants.  

Braces can also prevent gum disease. Gum disease can result from unflossed plaque which is hard to remove in crowded teeth. Since braces correct the amount of spaces in between teeth, it makes the cleaning of the gaps easier with brushing and flossing.  While not necessary big dental problems, prevention of these issues can make can make your speaking, smiling and eating habit worry-free. 

If your orthodontist approves your plan of wearing braces, the next step is to determine what braces to wear. There are so many choices for braces today. There are different brands, looks, color, composition and level of functionality. Stainless steel braces are still very popular.  

Unlike some perceptions, braces today are no longer as uncomfortable and visible as it was before. So if you really need one but don’t like the attention that you will get from wearing them, don’t worry, there are braces out there made just for you. 

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